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We are a team of therapists who specialize in adolescent care in areas that include:

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for Self-Harming and Suicidal Teens 

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Trauma-Certified Care

Exposure Therapy for Teens with Anxiety and OCD

Art and Sand Tray Therapy for Creative Teens

Eating Disorder Treatment Certification  

Inclusive and LGBTQ+ Affirming Care 

Groups, Groups, Groups, GROUPS!!

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Creative Healing offers a unique three-part treatment program designed specifically for teens that's not being offered anywhere else.  

The Three Critical Components of Teen Success are:

  1. Self-expression:  This is how your teen learns to tune in, identify their feelings and warning signs and communicates those emotions to others.

  2. Support:  This is how your teen learns to identify a positive support system and find accountability among healthy peers and adults.

  3. Skill-building: These are the tools and techniques to adequately prepare your teen to manage life's ups and downs so that they can be successfully independent in college, young adulthood and beyond.

Meet the therapists on the Creative Healing team below and learn more about how we can help your teen.