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Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a skills-based approach and includes four different sets of skills to help your teen make healthy and effective choices to create a live they love.  Ask yourself the following questions to figure out if DBT is a good fit for your teen...

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❏  Does your teen sometimes feel “bad” or “upset” without knowing exactly why?                                                         

❏  Does your teen often judge him/herself critically or make statements about disliking him/herself?                                

❏  Does your teen try and avoid feelings by shutting down, self-harming or using substances?                                     

❏  Does your teen tend to dwell on the negative parts of life?                                                         

❏  Does your feel hopeless or like they have nothing to look forward to in life?                                    

❏  Do they tend to ignore their own needs, but focus on wanting others to be happy?                                                             

❏  Do they tend to get into unhealthy relationships with people who don’t treat them fairly?      

❏  Do they tend to be passive in communicating with others and have a hard time standing up for themselves?                                 

❏  Do they switch friend groups often or cut others off easily?

❏  Do they feel misunderstood or alone?

If you answered “yes” to at least three of the above questions, DBT Group may be a good place for your teen to find solutions and support.


DBT Will Help Your Teen...

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  • Evaluate and understand their emotions so they know how to respond to them instead of reacting and making the situation worse with self-destructive behaviors
  • Communicate effectively and maintain positive relationships with friends, family and teachers when intense emotions make relating to others in a healthy way challenging
  • Gain confidence to ask for help when life gets overwhelming and to say "no" to others when peer pressure becomes too intense
  • Discover how to mindfully and fully enjoy each moment of the teen years, even when the school work has piled up and the future is one leap away... because learning to be happy and form good habits now informs how your teen will enter into the world from this point forward.


Seats are limited to 8 per group so that everyone feels heard and everyone has an equal voice.

The Details

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Day and Time of Group

Groups run at various afternoon and evening times on an ongoing basis through the year, with a planned break for the winter and spring holiday from school and several breaks throughout the summer.

Cost of Group

Group fees are charged monthly at the rate of $175 per month, payable by recurring monthly credit card auto-payment.  You also have the option to pay $50 weekly by exact-amount cash or check (made payable to Creative Healing.)  A portion of the cost may be reimbursable by insurance and we are happy to submit claims for you after a full up-front payment.


People are happier and healthier overall when they have positive social connections.  

Watch the video below to hear about one of our favorite group activities!

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