Inside Out Treatment for Lasting Results

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Our treatment works from the inside out!

At the teen support center, we focus on decreasing "target behaviors" that brought your teen to treatment.

Managing in the moment discussions and focusing on priority targets is what sets us apart from those therapy sessions where your teen may be having "nice conversations" that make them feel a little bit better or lighter right after treatment, but ultimately don't help them learn to change unhealthy patterns.

Our DBT skill-building approach is a science-backed system to help teens approach and address problems effectively NOW and throughout their lives.

We address behaviors in a hierarchy of 4 steps:

1. We help your teen stop the self-destruction.

Decreasing life-threatening behaviors is always the first priority. Self-harm, suicidal thoughts and any other safety concern is managed before moving onto step 2.

2. We help your teen stop self-sabotaging.

We look at what behaviors are interfering with treatment success and ultimately what's getting in the way of you seeing the best RESULTS for your investment in the process.

3. We help your teen create a life they love.

We look at and help your teen skillfully resolve any difficulties in relationships and in the way they take care of themselves so that they can truly begin to live a life they love.

4. We help your teen learn to love themselves.

Once your teen is routinely using healthy behaviors and having positive social interactions (so that everyday is effective) we help your teen build the skills to fully love and accept themselves even when obstacles and stressors make life more difficult.

By following a science-backed structure, we can ensure that you see LASTING changes so that your teen doesn't return to behaviors that were self-destructive.

Our structured approach is the ultimate solution to "We didn't do anything in therapy!" << You'll see the positive outcomes to prove it!

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