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I'm Katie O'Dwyer

I help anxious teens shift out of self-criticism and perfectionism and learn to fully accept themselves for who they are

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(while still maintaining the motivation to meet their goals.)

Most of my experience is with teens and families experiencing a high level of stress who need to learn more healthy ways of coping and communicating.  My background is working in an intensive outpatient center where I worked with teenagers with depression, anxiety and self-harm and used a Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) informed approach to help them shift out of self-destruction and create new and healthy patterns.

I do my best work with teens who experience anxiety and may be self-critical over-thinkers who exhibit perfectionistic behaviors.

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I'm trained in Family Systems work to help parents identify and understand how they can support positive progress so that change is happening in the real world and not just in 45 minutes a week.  

I also specialize in Sand Tray Therapy which is a form of expressive arts therapy that includes creating pictures and stories in sand to facilitate change when words are too much or not enough.

When I'm not at work...

You'll find me navigating life with a toddler, reading a book, going for a run or catching up on my favorite shows on Netflix.

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Individual Appointments - $160

You are responsible for checking your benefits and what percentage of the fee you'll be reimbursed by your plan.  If you are using a HRA or Flex Savings Account type plan, Creative Healing can often accept a credit card or check your plan may use for this purpose.

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