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I'm Jen Moyer

I help teens and ‘tweens who have been through difficult and traumatic situations learn to cope with uncomfortable emotions, find their worth and move beyond the obstacles that are holding them back.

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I do my best work with clients who need a safe space and a compassionate approach in order to move forward from experiences of trauma, loss, anxiety and self-doubt.


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with experience working with children and teens both in the home setting and in community settings. My work history has provided me with a unique experience of helping teens to apply skills in the moment across all settings of their lives, as well as to incorporate parents and siblings to help navigate conflicts and improve positive interactions and relationships.

I am certified in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TF-CBT) to work with teens who have experienced trauma and who want an evidence-based system to work through uncomfortable emotions and memories, rework thoughts that keep them feeling stuck and to help them find freedom.

Another area of passion and insensitive training is in helping teens who struggle with obsessive compulsive disorder through the use of Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy. I provide a teamwork approach that’s been scientifically demonstrated to be helpful with clients can to gradually face and overcome anxiety, phobias and fears.


When I'm not at work...

I love spending time with family and friends, traveling, hiking and crafting.

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Individual Appointments - $160

You are responsible for checking your benefits and what percentage of the fee you'll be reimbursed by your plan.  If you are using a HRA or Flex Savings Account type plan, Creative Healing can often accept a credit card or check your plan may use for this purpose.

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