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I'm Danielle Durante

I help self-destructive teens with risk-taking behaviors develop a solid plan to move from stuck and struggling to safe and successful.

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I do my best work with teens who are sabotaging their happiness with behaviors like cutting, substance abuse and opposition to authority by finding the balance of accepting them for WHO they are and helping them change the behaviors that make their lives more difficult.


Through my work in an adolescent residential treatment facility, I have gained a wealth of experience and training that enable me to work well with a high-risk population:

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  • I hold a pedigree in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) that qualifies me to treat teens who experience significant emotional dysregulation, self-esteem and identity issues and/or self-harming behaviors and suicidal ideation,

  • I have a Master of Arts Degree in Clinical Psychology from West Chester University with an additional concentration in Body Image and Eating Disorders.

  • I have specialized post graduate training in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to treat sexual, physical and/or emotional abuse/trauma,

  • I have training in Drug and Alcohol/Co-Occurring Disorders to treat teens who may be self-medicating using drugs or alcohol or who are at risk for developing a substance abuse/dependence problem,


I love working with teens to create structure by helping them use mindfulness skills, guided imagery, relaxation, poetry, music lyrics and journaling.  My goal is to promote growth and confidence within your teen so that they will have the skills and tools to meet their goals and improve their overall wellbeing so that you can BOTH enjoy their high school years and so that they are 100% prepared for college and beyond!

When I'm not working with clients...

I'm at home with my two daughters and love going to bookstores, museums, parks and libraries as well as listening to live music and kayaking.  I was a competitive gymnast for many years and enjoy following college gymnastics too.  

I love animals and welcome pets of all kinds into my sessions with teens!  I volunteered for a cat rescue for five years, worked as a veterinary technician and dog trainer and I have two cats named Jimmy and Mama that I rescued several years ago.  

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Individual Appointments - $160

You are responsible for checking your benefits and what percentage of the fee you'll be reimbursed by your plan.  If you are using a HRA or Flex Savings Account type plan, Creative Healing can often accept a credit card or check your plan may use for this purpose.

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