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For teens who are ready to go from stressed and struggling to coping and connected.

We offer teen group therapy sessions for anxiety, depression, and self-esteem in Flourtown, PA. We also serve Ambler, Blue Bell, Horsham & Chestnut Hill.

Teenagers experience a variety of regular stressors, including feelings of depression, anxiety and low self-esteem, loneliness, procrastination, peer conflict and school frustrations.

Teen Talk Therapy Group will help your teen…

  • Gain perspective and positive feedback from peers who will keep them on track to meet goals — most times more quickly than in individually alone.

  • Find peer acceptance and practice healthy communication skills to help your teen improve their mood and ability to manage ups and downs in emotion

  • Learn practical coping tools that your teen will actually use because they are teen tested and endorsed to help your teen manage big feelings skillfully and without impulsive behaviors, procrastination or isolation that end up making the situation worse in the long run.

 Help your teen go from overwhelmed to supported and skillful with group!

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The investment is $50 weekly for a 60 minute group.  A portion of the cost may be reimbursable by insurance.

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