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If your teen has ever said...

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  • I'm not pretty enough

  • No one understands me

  • Everyone judges me

  • I'm not good enough


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Teen Girls Group will provide your daughter with support + give her the skills to...

  • Engage in activities even when she's feeling scared or insecure so that she can lead a fulfilling life and feel happy
  • Stop comparing herself to her peers and learn to feel fully comfortable in her own skin
  • Quiet her self-critical voice and learn to love herself for exactly who she is


Seats are limited to 8 per group so that everyone feels heard and everyone has an equal voice.

The Details

Day and Time of Group

Groups run at various afternoon and evening times on an ongoing basis through the year, with a planned break for the winter and spring holiday from school and several breaks throughout the summer.

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Cost of Group

Group fees are charged monthly at the rate of $175 per month, payable by recurring monthly credit card auto-payment.  You also have the option to pay $50 weekly by exact-amount cash or check (made payable to Creative Healing.)  A portion of the cost may be reimbursable by insurance and we are happy to submit claims for you after a full up-front payment.


People are happier and healthier overall when they have positive social connections.  

Watch the video below to hear about one of our favorite group activities!

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