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For teens who feel lonely and isolated and are ready to make positive peer connections

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When your teen has a history of being bullied, rejected or left out, making friendships can be difficult.

They may feel socially anxious or have trouble moving from school friends to weekend friends and sitting at home scrolling social media only makes them feel more sad and isolated because they see evidence that they aren’t being included.

It’s painful for them and it’s also breaking your heart.

Our Social Success Group will help your teen:

  • Learn how to create healthy connections that last, even if they’ve never had a best friend or friend group before

  • Gain the skills to overcome social anxiety and the “I’m awkward” thoughts that get in the way of them forming meaningful relationships

  • Experience feeling included and accepted for exactly who they are so that they can build healthy self-esteem

Our Saturday Social Success Group was designed for socially anxious peers to have a safe place to PRACTICE the skills they are learning in therapy so that they can gain mastery over anxiety... not just talk about it all the time with an adult.

👣This group will include fun social outings in the community where teens will use REAL TIME social skills to overcome anxiety and learn to to interact effectively.

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The group investment is $50 weekly.  A portion of the cost may be reimbursable by insurance.

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