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Your ability to help your teen starts with having the right tools.

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Mini Hoberman Sphere

I use this tool in sessions and groups to teach teens how to breathe mindfully.

When we open the ball, we fill our bellies with air, like the ball is filled with air.

When we close the ball, we exhale all the breath out of our bodies. Using this tool provides a visual aid that guides your child in slowing down breathing to acheive calm and focus. 


Be Mindful Card Deck



Help your teen slow down and take a few breaths each day with the Be Mindful card deck. Each card gives short and simple instructions for how to integrate mindfulness and calming techniques into your teen's very busy routine. 


Buddha Board


Help your teen master the art of letting go with the Buddha Board. (This tool is a HUGE hit in sessions!) Your teen can use the paintbrush and water write out or draw stressors, anxieties and concerns then watch them disappear within 30 seconds. This is a great way to calm a racing mind before bed. 


Kinetic Sand


This sand sticks to itself and is squeezable, squishable and moldable.

Promote your teen's creativity while also giving them a self-soothe tool that satisfies the senses. (This one is another in session favorite with my teens!) 


Booster Buddy

This smart phone app tracks your teen's moods and helps them come up with specific coping strategies based on how they are feeling in any given moment. I just love when I provide feedback in session and one of my teen's says, "My booster buddy said the same thing!" It's like having an emotional support coach in your back pocket! 


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