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Learn to skillfully manage your teen’s strong emotions and behaviors

Parenting Group Series Enrolling Now!

We offer parenting support groups for parents in Flourtown, PA. We also serve Ambler, Blue Bell, Horsham & Chestnut Hill.

We work with teens every single day at the teen support center and we hear a LOT about what teens experience and need to feel supported.  But... teens don't heal in a vacuum.  They are a part of a FAMILY system in which they rely on parents a whole lot too. << This is the very reason that YOU need support and skills too so that you can best support the changes your teen is making in therapy. 

We've have had LOTS of requests for a parenting group so that you can learn the tools to help your teen make lasting changes at home.  And, since you give so much as a parent, we want to give back to YOU!  

DBT Parenting Group is Now Enrolling!

Each group session focuses on specific SKILLS so that you walk away with a blueprint for navigating your emotional teen.


  • How you can communicate with your teen in a way that they actually hear and relate to so that you can have conversations that don't end in conflict

  • How to talk about your concerns with your teen so that they are open to making shifts in behavior instead of defensive and in denial

  • How to respond to and manage moodiness with your teen to support them and help them cope without feeling shut out


  • How to help your teen make healthy decisions and use good judgment when it comes to substance use and sexual activity

  • How to address a toxic or unhealthy friend group and asses the actual influence of your teen's friendships on them

  • How to manage social media concerns and agree upon appropriate limits while still having positive communication and quality time with your teen that's screen free


  • How to set limits and consequences with your teen in a way that actually works and that makes the relationship stronger

  • How to set house rules that your teen not only buys into but helps to create so that they actually see a point in them

  • How to motivate your teen to complete tasks and focus on homework


  • How to know what is typical and what is concerning behavior with your teen

  • How to navigate the fine line between giving in and pushing too hard

  • How to know the "right" way to respond without overreacting or going to extremes

  • How to respond to your teen's anxiety when you have your own anxiety


  • How to respond to your teen if they express urges to self-harm

  • How to identify the warning signs of crisis behaviors or worsening depression

  • Specific and actionable tools for managing depression and anxiety in your teen

Now taking applications for the next round!  Please complete the application below and we will follow up with details about the next available group.

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