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for Teen Girls

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Sometimes talking is just not enough!

Your teen may be working HARD in treatment to make shifts in her thinking and behavior so that she actually FEELS better.

But sometimes anxiety and sadness are just that:  a feeling

And, sometimes being asked to identify the thoughts behind that feeling creates more frustration.

Or, working on behavioral change leads to feeling defeated and shutting down to the process.

Yes... sometimes talking is just not enough.

The body remembers what the mind forgets or ignores.

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And a regular movement and breathing practice can help your teen connect to a more balanced self while experiencing the coping skills they need to move forward.

$5 Movement and Breathing Class run on Thursdays from 4 to 4:50 PM

Please click the button below to register in advance as space is limited.

Facilitated by Counseling Intern and Yoga Enthusiast, Aziza Ransome


"Setting a positive intention while controlling your breathing, guides your energy in the direction of positive change, allowing every breath and movement to be a kind of passageway; a passageway to channeling that set intention."

~Aziza Ransome, Arcadia University