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I'm Jen Belfiore

I help teens who have big dreams of college success learn to cope with overwhelming feelings and stressors so that they can confidently succeed in school and feel more connected with family and friends.

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I do my best work with clients who are motivated to learn practical skills that they can readily use in their everyday lives while working towards fully believing in themselves as capable.


As a PA Certified School Counselor and Nationally Certified Counselor, I have experience working with children and teens in the home setting, in a residential treatment facility and in partial hospital care. My work history has provided me with extensive experience in helping teens to apply skills effectively to everyday life stressors so that they can cope with the situation before it becomes a crisis.

I am a Registered Yoga Teacher and may incorporate mindfulness or energetic movement into counseling sessions as an aid to the healing process and connection of mind and body.

My passion for bringing trauma-informed care, practical skill-building and yoga into sessions offer a unique blend for teens who crave movement, self-expression and solutions all tied into the therapeutic process.


When I'm not at work...

I love spending time with family, trips to the beach, jogging and practicing yoga.

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Individual Appointments - $150

You are responsible for checking your benefits and what percentage of the fee you'll be reimbursed by your plan.  If you are using a HRA or Flex Savings Account type plan, Creative Healing can often accept a credit card or check your plan may use for this purpose.

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