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We've intentionally designed our space with your teen in mind!

We are all about the creature comforts! The waiting room has a coffee bar with a Keurig and hot chocolate, tea and coffee, waters, and always candy!

Since we run lots of teen groups at the center, we also do birthday celebrations and clients get a cake with a personalized message. We want teens to know how important they are to the group (and to us!)

There's a pillow lounge and giant body pillows so teens can spread out with a pillow and blanket and make themselves comfortable in a space that was created just for them.

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We are full on IN LOVE with running groups for teens!

We've done some SUPER fun groups with our teens.  With summer camp and weekly Teen Groups and Teen DBT Groups, we're getting creative with finding ways to support teens in learning to act skillfully to manage overwhelming emotions.

We've made masks, released painful feelings by burning them, written countless lists of coping skills and practiced every single one.

Who says that therapy can't be fun?!

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All friends are welcome!

Having a space just for teens means welcoming their furry (and scaly) friends along for therapy too!  We've had the pleasure of meeting dogs, cats, snakes, Guinea pigs, bunnies, geckos and rats!

Here are just a few of the friends we've hung out with at the teen support center...

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Teens are happier and healthier overall when they have positive social connections.  

Watch the video below to hear about one of our favorite group activities!


Groups Create Connection and Catalyze Change

Listen here as I discuss the power of connection through groups on the Therapy Chat podcast.  

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