Dr. Mitchell Kho

Board Certified Psychiatrist


My holistic approach...

  • I have combined training in Psychiatry and Internal Medicine which has provided me with a meaningful understanding of the Mind-Body connection
  • I have an expertise in the psychoparmacologic treatment of all mental illnesses from adolescents, but if I can help you without medications, I would prefer that.
  • I have a broad knowledge of how emotional distress contributes to the whole person's physical well-being and chronic medical illnesses
  • I offer educational discussions for many common chronic medical illnesses and the various medications prescribed by primary care doctors

I'm a believer in empowering clients to be a part of their own healing process.

As a medical doctor specializing in the treatment of mental health disorders, I can diagnose and treat various mental health disorders including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD and many others.  Medication is only part of the treatment plan as I also provide psychological counseling and health education.  I recognize the importance of a strong interdisciplinary team, viewing the client as an integral part of their own treatment.  The focus is on facilitating whole person recovery and wellbeing. 

What you can expect from our meetings...

Medication is never the sole treatment.  Psychotropic Medication Evaluations should be a disciplined and responsible approach to the use of medication treatment for psychiatric illnesses.  I do not support 15 to 30 minute medication checks.  For many, medication usage is a source of fear and even a barrier to getting a proper diagnostic evaluation.  Having a systematic and disciplined protocol in place for evaluations and regular check-ins allows for properly medicating my clients with minimal side-effects.

When is the right time to consider medication?

Typically when the client has been diagnosed with a valid illness after a thorough evaluation and is also experiencing significant dysfunction in some life arena is when medication is considered.

My goal is to support you on your journey to wellness.



  • Initial 90-Minute Evaluation - $300

  • Follow-up Sessions - $200

Dr. Kho is an out-of-network provider and does not directly accept insurance.  You are responsible for checking your benefits and understanding what percentage of the fee your insurance may reimburse under your plan.  


**Dr. Kho is an independent business within Creative Healing.  Please direct all questions and concerns regarding availability, rates and medication management directly with Dr. Kho by clicking the contact button above. **