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Many teens work hard all through high school to get into their dream college, only to find themselves wondering...

Am I in the right place?

Do I belong here?

Why aren't I happy?

This leads to sadness, anxiety, homesickness and slipping grades... but it doesn't have to!


Join us for a 4-week college prep and connect workshop so that you can leave for school with...

+ tried-and-true coping strategies for the inevitable challenges that come with moving to a new place and making new friends

+ a roadmap for success transition to college, with cope-ahead plans for each new step along the way

+ a confidence that will allow them to start college as the best version of themselves, so that the foundation of success is already there right from the start

+ fully developed tools for newfound independence while learning how and where to access support

Mondays from 3:30 to 4:30 PM on July 23rd and 30th and August 6th and 13th.

$175 for the 4-week series

Have questions before you register? CLICK HERE to complete a contact form and we'll reach out within 48 hours to connect with you and help you explore the next best steps.