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I'm Brie Ziegler

 I help anxious and insecure teens learn to kick their inner critic to the curb so that they can beat self-sabotage and fully love and accept themselves for exactly who they are...

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While learning skills that stick to cope with stress and overwhelm too!

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I do my best work with high school juniors and seniors with low self-esteem who are worried about the college process and who want support in planning for the next steps in a way that feels manageable and leads to long-term success.

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I love working with clients who are willing to mix it up with talk, activities and art.  I'm a very visual person, so you'll usually find me in sessions using the whiteboard with the teens I work with so that we can map out plans and practice coping in the moment.

I am a Certified Trauma-Focused Therapist and provide structured therapy sessions for teens who have experienced a trauma.

When I'm not working...

I love all kinds of sports and physical activity and played women's rugby for 10 years, even though I am currently "retired."  I enjoy anything that allows me to be creative -- painting, crafting, or decorating my home.  To relax, I enjoy reading fantasy novels, watching Sci-Fi television shows, and trying to teach myself how to crochet.

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  • Individual Appointments - $150

  • Out-of-Network Reimbursement for Aetna, Personal Choice, Blue Cross and Cigna

You are responsible for checking your benefits and what percentage of the fee you'll be reimbursed by your plan.  If you are using a HRA or Flex Savings Account type plan, Creative Healing can often accept a credit card or check your plan may use for this purpose.

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